DKK Associates Group S.A. is a Technical Engineering Company established by Mr. Dimitrios Kavallaris (Civil Engineer N.T.U.A.) and is a continuation of the Technical Firm that he held during the last 37 Years of his Professional Activity.

DKK Associates Group S.A. is based in Athens-Greece, and its main Scope is to develop and construct Βuilding Projects with emphasis on the Field of Hotel Units Development in Greece and abroad.

The Company is also involved with the following Subject Areas:

1.Project Management Services during the Design Process and the Construction of a building.

We offer a full set of Project Management Services in order to ensure the successful and within Budget completion of the construction of a Building Project. As Construction Project Managers we firstly set up the Construction Materials Specifications. The Construction Budget of the Project follows ahead, which includes a Cost Estimation Analysis of the Construction Works of the Building and Landscaping based on valid Market Prices and the specifics of each Project. Within our Responsibilities falls the creation of a Construction Timetable in order ensure on time Project Delivery as well as the organization of the Contractors/Suppliers/WorkersΤendering Process. The Contractors/Suppliers that participate in the Tendering Process may be introduced either by our Company or by the Landlord. We have an advisory role for the final choices though, which are made by the Landlord.  We also draft all Contracts needed to be signed by the Landlord and the chosen Contractors/Suppliers/Workers and provide required explanations to every professional associated with the Project in order to ensure the construction complies with all building codes and Building Permit accompanying Studies. Lastly we maintain the Economic Record of the Project, which includes the Payment of all Professionals involved based on the Progress of their Duties, monthly online Reports for the Landlord, Charging Tables, Bank Transactions and Invoices Record. 

2.Any kind of Structural Design, Architectural Design and analysis

We deal with all the Stages (Conceptual-Preliminary- Detailed) of the Architectural Design for various Building Types until the issuance of their Building Permit and their Construction. We are also able to deliver qualitative exterior and interior 3D Renderings to our Customers.

Moreover we specialize at Restoration and Structural Reinforcement of Existing Buildings and Listed  Monumental Buildings Projects,  in addition to any type of expansion  they might need  (creation of new basements, new levels etc.). In order to ensure the proper seismic behavior of a Listed Building, we may use different techniques such as cement Grouting Materials, Cement Bolts, Strengthening of Masonry Walls with Reinforced Concrete Jackets etc.

3.Any king of Technical Support to Companies or Individuals regarding Technical Legislation issues-Building regulation and licensing processes.

Main subjects included in this sector are any possible legislative arrangements, specific arrangements exceeding active and applicable legislation (such as Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Approvals), subjects to approval by the Central Archaeological Council and Central Council of Modern Monuments, technical study approvals for Touristic facilities by the Greek National Organization of Tourism (greek acronym E.O.T.), approvals for hospitals and any other kind of special building types.

Each Project assigned to our Company is being studied by our permanent Associates who are Engineering Specialists such as Architects-Civil Engineers and Designers, able to deal with various Building Types and their demands.



Our main task is to coordinate all Parts involved from the starting point until the completion of a Project and the issuance of its Construction License.



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