Τhe Island of Mykonos 

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The island of Mykonos is a distinguished destination with worldwide fame and a cosmopolitan character.

It is considered as one of the most scenic Cycladic Islands, and a vacation choice able to fulfill the most demanding requirements, due to both its spectacular Sights and Natural Landscapes, and its famous nightlife and intense emotions that it may offer.


Mykonos has the necessary infrastructure so as to promote local community and to serve tourism. A new Harbor has recently been constructed in the Island together with the new Ring Road and the improvement of the existing road network. There is also a Health Center and 2 private Clinics in conjunction with Medical Laboratories, two Reservoirs, a Refinery, Water Mains and a new Desalination Plant, Wastewater Treatment facilities with central sewerage, Schools, Stadiums and Cultural facilities. Other large projects are scheduled to start as well, both at the new and old harbor concerning general configurations, creation of parking places and landfill facilities.

The Greek State intents to privatize the new Port of ‘Tourlou’ together with the Airport of the Island. In fact, offers for the provision of the airport’s management have already been submitted to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund.


Mykonos has a developed radial road network with asphalt roads and road signs to a large extent, which starts from Mykonos Town and stretches almost to each of the island’s direction. Additionally, the majority of its southern Beach areas are connected to each other via boat routes that take place in a daily basis during summertime offering a magnificent excursion opportunity to the visitors.



Mykonos is an easily accessible destination, since it is linked by sea and air to the rest of Greece.

Specifically, the Island has three Ports: the old, which lies close to Mykonos Town (Chora), the new, which lies almost 10 km north of the Island in the region of ‘Tourlos’ and lastly a port that connects Mykonos to Delos.

There are Simple and High-speed ferries that depart from Piraeus and Rafina (Attica) and have the island of Mykonos as their destination. Additionally, Mykonos is connected to other ports of Greece via regular Ferry Routes, such as the port of Thessaloniki, ports in Crete and other Cycladic and Dodecanese Islands.



Apart from using private vehicles in order to travel around the Island, visitors are able to use local Public Means of Transport, such as Buses which have as starting point Mykonos Town and operate routes to the rest of the island with a frequency of 30 minutes. For those who prefer sea-transport there is the option of using boat routes from ‘Ornos’ to most of its neighboring beach areas or daily cruises around the whole Island or to neighboring islands such as Delos.



According to the official statistics that were published by the ASSOCIATION OF GREEK TOURISM ENTERPRISES, the Island managed to increase its visitor-arrivals up to 26,73% during the period of January-October 2013 in comparison to 2012, which is the 2nd largest increase compared to the rest of Greek destinations, with 177.564 international arrivals of Tourists during the period of April-October.

The Island appears to reach the first place when it comes to price-increases during August 2013 compared to their level during August 2012. Quite interesting is the fact that the hotels of the Island increased their prices during 2013 by 43,1%, whilst the same prices were further increased during 2012 (49,3%).


Project  Mykonos Business Proposal Description

Project Mykonos refers to the creation, operation and development of a Chain of luxury Hotel Units, in the island of Mykonos.  

The basic objective is each Hotel Unit to attract demanding customers at domestic and mostly at international level. The configuration of the buildings and the subsequent operation management of the Units will be shaped in accordance to the specific goal. As a matter of fact, Mykonos is an ideal international tourist’s attraction, as it presents constant increase of visitors arriving from both Western countries and the developing countries of the East (China, Russia and Arab States).

The proposed Building Configuration of each Unit will follow the dynamic trend of creating a complex of autonomous accommodation units (Villas) with personalized services, unique design style, and emphasis on the concepts of privacy, quality, comfort and luxury.


Architectural Configuration of the Proposed Facilities

Architectural Proposal Principles

  • Autonomous Accommodation Units (Villas) with private pools.
  • Landscaping – outdoor Entertainment facilities.


Construction Characteristics

  • The Buildings will be designed in accordance to the principles of traditional Cycladic architecture.
  • External Stone Masonry – Wooden Openings
  • Wooden pergolas in the perimeter of each building for extra shadowing.
  • Contemporary energy efficient E/Μ installations providing autonomy to each ‘Villa’

Reception Building Facilities (If Required)

  • Reception Area-Lobby
  • Snack Bar-Coffee Shop
  • Laundry Room


Private Villas Facilities

  • 3 – 4 En-Suite Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • BBQ
  • Private Pool


Kalo Livadi  Project Details

13.000 m2  Plot in the Region of   KALO  LIVADI

  • 10km SE of the town of Mykonos
  • Panoramic Position
  • Exceptional View to the magical Cycladic landscape
  • Popular Tourist Beach
  • 6 km from Mykonos Airport
  • Distance from the Sea – 160m


Project Details

Architectural Proposal Principles

  • 15 Autonomous Accommodation Units (Villas) with private pools.
  • Landscaping and Entertainment facilities.
  • Independent Reception Building 250m2


Construction Characteristics

The Buildings will be designed in accordance to the principles of traditional Cycladic architecture.


Villas Facilities

  • Villa Area 130m2
  • 3 – 4 En-suite Bedrooms
  • WC
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen


Site Purchase & Hotel Unit Creation-Operation Economic Data

Site Area


Site Purchase Cost


Brookerage Fees Plus Taxes


Hotel Construction Cost (Buildings & Surrounding Areas)


Own Capital Depreciation Time

6.5 Years

Analytic Business Plan is available upon request

For more information please feel free to contact us

Analytic Business Plan is available upon request

For more information please feel free to contact us

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